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Hello from Minnesota!

We're Kyle and Emily (and Mustard the Goldendoodle). Life together has led us through 4 states, 2 countries, and the deep desire to build community wherever we are, including in our own household. In each place we've called home, we have friends that have shared their lives with us, even when we don't share DNA. We have been welcomed into new cultures; we have received hospitality and care. Now, we can't wait to welcome a child into our family and offer them a home of love and belonging.

We love the quote "Joy is the oxygen of doing hard things" (Gary Haugen). As we've stepped into hard things over the years, we've also cultivated joy along the way. A few things that bring us joy are:

Cooking and Eating: Great things happen around full tables.

Accents and Impersonations: We crack ourselves up doing voices pretty regularly.

Our Faith: We're committed Christians, and our faith gives us hope and motivates us to serve others.

Adventure and Travel: Whether trying a new bike trail in our city or hiking a crater lake across the globe, we're energized by exploring new places.

We know you're in the middle of doing some hard things right now as you consider the possibilities of adoption. Our hope is that you also have pockets of joy to sustain you. Two of our family values are courage and intentionality, and while we may or may not get to know you more, we're grateful for your courage and intentionality to get to know us here!

To learn more about what led us down this road, you can read Our Story

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