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We are overjoyed to be on the journey of welcoming​ a child into our family through domestic infant adoption. Welcome and thank you for learning more about our story!

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2022 Recap

We had a very busy 2022! Here are some highlights: We bought a house and have loved cooking in the new kitchen, walking up each day to...

winter adventures

We had a big snowfall a few weeks ago, and it was so beautiful the next day (deep but beautiful). After growing up in the south without...

birthday highlights

It was my (Emily) birthday recently, and here are some snapshots of our celebrations...

Driftless Retreat

Recently, we spent the weekend away on a retreat together. The adoption journey is long, and at different points along the way it's been...


"Gratitude begins with paying attention, with noticing the goodness, beauty, and grace around us." - Christine Pohl We had a lovely, even...

South Dakota Biking Adventure

Kyle has always loved biking, but for years, I was more of a hold out. (I blame the time I fell of my bike at age 7 and knocked out my...

Home Study Approved!

Well...almost. Just a few more pieces of paper to sign off on, but all the heavy lifting on that part is complete! Adoption is a long...

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