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South Dakota Biking Adventure

Kyle has always loved biking, but for years, I was more of a hold out. (I blame the time I fell of my bike at age 7 and knocked out my front tooth...cute school pics that year and all the jokes around this song:

Well, COVID made it a lot harder to be physically active in the ways I most enjoyed. So, I got my first adult bike this spring, and now I can't get enough. During a season when travel and going out was limited, hopping on the bike helped me feel less trapped, like I could go on little adventures, and explore parts of the city I'd never seen before. There's been something sweet about discovering a new hobby as an adult--it feels fun and playful in a season when a lot of the ways we used to play and have fun became pretty limited.

In September, we put our bikes on the car and drove west to South Dakota and biked through the Badlands, Black Hills, and the incredibly beautiful Spearfish Canyon.

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